Welcome to Haumea Hawai‘i

Our lifestyle brand is based in Hilo, Hawai‘i.  I’ve been blessed to have lived and travelled our world, but I’ve realized my mission is to tell the stories of our beautiful islands by creating high quality products, each one representing our islands and our unique culture.  Made in America, a portion of our proceeds are reserved to support our communities here in Hawai‘i.  We hope you will have a chance to visit our islands one day and feel the spirit of aloha coursing through our brand.

Me ke aloha pumehana
(With warm regards)


Her courage and determination are the inspiration for our brand.  Haumea Friel was born with a rare medical condition PFFD that leads to one leg being shorter than the other. Since her birth five years ago at Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children, Haumea has endured more then 10 major surgeries. In February of 2020, Haumea was named Hawai’i’s 2020 Children’s Miracle Network Champion, where a portion of our proceeds are dedicated.

Haumea, Hawaii’s 2020 Children’s Miracle Network Champion

I love fashion

I grew up loving fashion.  My late Aunt Charlotte was always one of the most fashionable people in Honolulu and San Francisco both.  She taught me to love beauty, not only physical beauty, but the beauty of our surroundings.  Every morning while I sit outside in my Japanese garden I am surrounded by birds and flowers, the subtle movements of the koi in my pond, my soul caught between the everchanging blue of the sea, and the majesty of Mauna Kea.  This is the source of my inspiration for the fashion I create.